Call for Artists

Number is looking for visual artists with bipolar disorder or schizoaffective disorder bipolar type working in digital or traditional media.

Please take the time to examine the artwork published on the site so that you will have a good understanding of what types of images we are looking for.

Important note: We are looking for artists that are productive, actively producing new and fresh work to their collection on our site and blog - others need not apply.

If you would like to share your work with the public on this web site here is what you need to do:

If your work is in traditional media we will need a photographic or scanned reproduction saved in .jpg format. If your work is in digital media send us a copy in .jpg format.

Please include a brief personal history about your experience with bipolar disorder or schizoaffective bipolar type and your work. Most importantly you retain exclusive rights to your work. Please read our copyright statement. If we cannot use your work all copies of your images and documents will be deleted from our system.

We will review your submission in a timely fashion and contact you via email. Please send your submissions to:

Rough guideline: please keep in mind what we are aiming for. Your work should express the extremes of the illness we are afflicted with. Show us the dark and well as the bright side.

SolitaryWe are looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your work!
— John Poole