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Emma’s New Adventure Update

February 22nd, 2010 John 2 comments
I am amazed at the curve you have taken in you life. Tell me more about how things are going. I am ok other than being a drunk. I will work on getting it together sooner than later while my liver is still working. You can write your stories on the blog if you want or I can put them up there for you if you want. I am so proud of you and decisions that you have made for yourself and you health and well being. Drop me an email when you can. – John
Hi John, well my old dog lady died friday, she lived with my dad on the site im moving back on too, but when I was a kid (had her since I was 14) she was my constant companion, slept in my bed in my caravan every night, when I was away during my army days, I missed her more than any of my human family. We (me and my brother) found Lady and two other pups in a bag dumped in canal at top of road where me dad lives, one was already dead but lady and the other pup who we called cassie survived. Cassie is still going I believe. As for lady, knew last time I saw her that I wouldnt see her again, at least not on this plane of existance anyway but at least she slipped away in her own time, at home. Buried her on back field, under a holly tree.

On the brighter side of life, my plan to re-open my animal sanctuary is progressing, got heat and electric to my caravan sorted, took my remaining dogs on a long walk in the snow on Cannock Chase today, Ive managed to rescue Speedwell the tortoise from it’s frozen icy prison, tho now I’ve thawed it out it’s turned out to be a foul tempered brute. Probably cuz of its existance on fish bones and potatoe peelings. Ive brought it a bag of kale leaves and polished it’s shell with some olive oil to see if I can improve it’s disposition a bit. At least with the right care it should out-live me.

Started getting out on my motorbike again, its been a while cuz of the weather, and cuz I had a crash a few months ago (combination of high speed, sharp bend and loose gravel) broke my arm, never even went to hospital cuz steve who is also a biker accused me of being a wuss, refused to believe Id broken it (this has now been proven) and I spent 3 weeks in agony and virtually immobile which put me off the whole riding thing for a few months, but I love my ‘bike, and riding really clears my head cuz of the concentration required, and just generally makes me feel really good, and Ive missed it. Plus steve when he realised I was actually injured went on a massive guilt trip and was really nice to me for ages.

The mental health services of stafford are on high alert cuz Ive stopped taking the medication. I keep getting letters and phone calls, they think Ive lost the plot because I don’t want to fit in and live the life they think I should live, proving their competence by being a ‘ functional, productive healthy member’ of a society I despise. And they think I’m the deluded one. If it wasn’t for the singing potatoes I’d go mad!

So life could be worse for me, thanks. love Emma x



Thanks so much for emailing me what you’ve been up to. I am sorry that you dog Lady died. I wish cats and dogs lived as long as we do. We’ve lost two wonderful felines over the past couple of years. Sounds like you are happy and getting things together. If I crashed on my motorcycle and felt something break I’d be the first one to get to the ER. But I know how you feel on the open road on a bike. I’ve had three and although I don’t have one right now – if the finances were favorable I’d be blowing down the open road just as fast as I could go. Fuck the mental health services – if you’re ok, you’re okay – they’re going to be there if you need help – but your lifestyle change sounds like it is the best thing for you. I’ve been doing hands on stuff the last couple of weeks. Stripping my mountain bike and cleaning it, lubing it, making it look like new. It took about a week to do mine and now I’m working on Deborah’s. Working with nuts and bolts and complicated machinery is something that grounds me, instead of being in a nether world. I’m working out for an hour a day now. 45 mins on the bike as fast as I can go and lifting weights for another 20 mins. I feel so much better starting this routine. Let’s keep in touch. Sending my love your way. – John

Update: Emma is dedicating her life to saving disabled animals.

February 11th, 2010 John 2 comments

Hi John, I’m ok thanks bit stressed out with trying organise stuff and work got me on funny shifts with some very challenging patients, love my job but can’t wait get back to looking after the wildlife instead, and at least the animals can’t use call bells. I hear those call bells in my dreams these days.
Have to say your life-style changes sound a bit extreme. But if it works for you, ace. I suspect I will be getting a lot of exercise clearing me dads site to make it into the haven I imagine it will be. Ive attached a photo of my new home being maneuvered of the low-loader in the road outside my place, all five tonnes of it, will send you some of the site and the inside of the waggon when I get time.
Already got my first resident, a tortoise I rescued from the nuns, so strictly speakin not wildlife. It’s name speedwell but I was going to rename it ‘Dame’ after the head nun, as the two of them are strikingly similar close up.
Anyway take care be well Love emma

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“Side Effects”

February 1st, 2010 John 2 comments
"Side Effects"

"Side Effects" © 2010 Emma Price

“Fitting In”

February 1st, 2010 John 1 comment
"Fitting In"

"Fitting In" © 2010 Emma Price

Emma’s News

February 1st, 2010 John Comments off

Hi John, it’s really good hear from you. I’m alright thanks, I’ve decided give up on the nursing, and chnge my life path. My mum and dad were travellers (gipsys) who set up an animal sanctuary, mostly for injured wildlife, I grew up with the animals and I still miss the life-style. The sanctuary closed 7 years ago when my mum died and my dad fell apart. I was doing my nurse training at time, but I’ve discovered over the years I’m not a people person, and I don’t fit in with mainstream existance, not for want of trying, but Im always the outsider, as I have always been, which isn’t a negative thing as long as I don’t want to live in mainstream society, which is something Ive never adapted to having been a traveller child then in forces.

So I’ve brought a showmans waggon I’m going to move on to the former site of the animal sanctuary, which is a nightmare at moment, like a scrapyard and slum combined, complete with rats that could probably carry off a small child-I found out that in the really cold weather weve had (-20 at times, prob nowhere near as cold as it is where you are) my dads been sleeping under a tarpaulin in a soaked bed cuz his caravan roof was leaking, and no heating cuz rats had eaten the rubber gas pipes outside his van. He’s ok now hes moved into an American school bus, put stove in etc its dead cozy and rat proof.

Anyhow my plan is to convert this nightmare back into the wonderful wildlife rescue it once was, and devote my time to the critters. I want to re-establish a reputation and public support for the place. Its a massive change but it feels the right thing to do. Also means Ive had to give up the street pharmacuticals for a while cuz Ive had want to put my money to better use. I bought waggon, I got it dirt cheap not sure the guy who sold it to me knew what he was selling, these things normally cost a fortune, I take it as a sign it’s meant to be)

Ive stopped with the prescribed meds cuz Im sick of the side effects and being quite high at mo. is helping me get stuff sorted despite the 12 hour night shifts I’m working. Steve is really into the whole idea, hes as desperate to escape society as me. It helps that hes on board, it would be impossible on my own.

Once it’s all up and running I can retreat from the world and become an odd excentric old lady living in me caravan with hordes of animals.

Dead glad to hear you are starting to feel better, withdrawal is a bitch. But so worth it for the sake of good chemicals when you need them. Know what you mean with the scial anxety thng, I can’t face visiting me own relatives, and they only live a few miles away. Public transport is harrowing too.

Anyway I’m probably rambling so I’d best leave it at that, I could be here all night otherwise and I’m at steves house and his elderly father wants to go to bed and I’m keeping him up.

Hope hear from you soon love Emma x